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Currently, he is working with Dr. Galina Schwartz on classifying security vulnerabilities in the hopes of better understanding how these exploits affect various industries. His favorite classes so far have...

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Current projects involve studies on the uptake of surfactants detergents in organisms, using computational chemistry and in vitro assays.

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As part of the SuBiCat network, all Marie Curie fellows meet every year to attend an interdisciplinary workshop. These workshops are composed of presentations on various topics and level focus on to broaden the precise knowledge of each compeer. These presentations give the fellows the tools to become better researchers and can potentially lead to new interdisciplinary collaborations projects. Each year experts from outside the SuBiCat network are invited to consult on their research.

The meetings thus give us the possibility to broaden our scientific network. After these workshops, the speakers provided their lectures, which were made available to the fellows via the SuBiCat website. Each of these meetings was also followed by an online tutorial to assess the consciousness gained by every individual. Graham Hutchings FRS in developing supported bimetallic catalysts for the selective oxidation of alcohols and a fundamental understanding of that catalytic process.

Impacts , asap DOI: Effect of sodium and calcium cations on the ion-exchange affinity of organic cations for soil organic matter. How test design affects bioavailability and effect concentrations. He has established an international Research group responsible for medium and long term research in catalysis, materials science and computational chemistry. He has wide experience of collaborative research both nationally and internationally.

Erik Abbenhuis is author on 50 scientific publications, next to inventor on over 30 patent applications. Sorption of organic cations to soil depends on both CEC and OC-content, and can be estimated from sorption data on reference soil components. Cookies noodzakelijk voor het basisfunctioneren van de website.

A specific objective of this lecture is to motivate researchers to characterize these supported nanoparticles more thoroughly to investigate their structural features in detail and based on this knowledge design suitable and innovative synthesis strategies to control these properties.

A combined Langmuir and linear sorption process?

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Steven Bi Utrecht

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S.T.J. (Steven) Droge in Leipzig and Utrecht, a PhD in Utrecht, 2 years technician position at VU Amsterdam, and MSc biology at UvA. . Escher, B. I. ( ). Sustainable Biomass Conversions by Highly...