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Las Vegas hunk Kyle King is a gay pornstar with an incredibly sexy face and body, and he's ready to use all of his features on camera!...

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The command of suited "Executives" has never been so hot! He is the perfect passive for a business scene wearing garters and long sheer socks without shoes. If you thought the guys were hot when they were sucking and fucking, get to know them a little bit better when they're not choking on cock!

Kyle works as a model because he loves to fuck and has been asked to appear in adult films many times in the past. Pole dancers Adrian Long and Tate Ryder suck cock and flip-fuck on stage. Executives "Executives" are powerful men who know how to get what they want.

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Calling Kyle into his office, Mitch talks business, but he's staring at Kyle's cock underneath his pants the entire time.

Mitch can't get enough of slapping the round cheeks of Kyle's amazing butt, nor can he stop from fingering his tight, innocent hole! And hardcore pornstar Drew Cutler fucks Adam Herst through a gloryhole before soaking him to the bone.

Kyle has fucked on top of a life guard tower and enjoys having sex with a variety of men -- this is one hot guy who doesn't like to discriminate. Apr 26, at 5: Chicago dating

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