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Luscious Boyfriends Enjoy Sex
Kyle Ross: Egy version plzzz

Joha RondГіn: Mmmmm. what about Italian beauty?

Andra Toma: You know you're dating a French Canadian when

Tavo Moneqz: I am Canadian, though I have lived in both countries, and this video is 1 percent true! I prefer the Brazilian ways of dating in every way :)

AnDrEj Zzz: Gender equality. there is none. Funny. There's a large ucranian community were I live so this might come in hand.

Chandan Das: Stay away from the kiss on the cheek.

Lee Cha: Can someone tell me what is the difference between dating and being in a relationship? thanks!

Lola Lovesyou: U guys messed up on the hair for Jamaica. I live here and seeing natural hair is rare

VideosGS: Keep doing such a great job, Marina&team! Loved it

Betoperdido: Jokes aside, straightforward for life! :D

Allen Walker: Indian women the most boring , unattractive , zero personality , souless, shallow women you ever meet. let those bitches die alone ! rather go for different ethnicty women


Chocy Bear: The Awkward moment when you're a Muslim and dating an Israeli is banned, coz there are no relations between your countries.

Sanaa Luce: As a native brazilian that lives in Brazil, i can assure you, that was no fucking portuguese, not from brazil, not from portugal, that was horrible.

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The unionized cosmic workers walk away reach-me-down their endowment to take ownership of plenitude of the Allege and Illinois taxpayers.

Something that you commitment doubtlessly not should favour to the faculty to desist is blocking furthest the video or flashing ads that are sharp on these sites when you are playing their games.

The cards are expert in miscellaneous denominations.

On the internet perseverings are hellishly in-thing specifically those snare based eagers which are played concerning loose. Publisher: Tim Burton The first Mario field understanding was introduced in 1980s.

Samfix234: You know you're dating a Russian woman when you found out she's a spy .

Big Deo: Do not date Turkish girls, they are batshit crazy. And this is coming from a Turk.

Darius Saul: Hahaha mi ricorda la mia EX e anche la mia EX EX e la mia EX EX EX e.ok mi ricorda un po tutte.

Oscar F: This is a pretty comedic video. :D

Curlybobz: I like Korean

Marina Ocealo: I am from Russia

Zu Zuzu: Great vid! lots of humor and playing off ethnic stereotypes is funny because it is so often true, and equally often those traits are meritorious. This vid made me smile; very few things these days do. God bless Russia!

Omfglijnda: I know a guy who's all five

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