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JSwipe is similar to Tinder — with a Jewish twist. In addition to location, you can filter potential matches by denomination and whether or not they keep kosher. After filling...

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ItsOver: To be true love, one must share another's sense of life's tragic nature. What is this I just want someone to make me laugh? You want to laugh when they bury you in the ground? You Americans take nothing seriously, do you? No ;rebuttals? I thought not. I am most definitely right. :D

Megan Hutt: So true. XD I'm literally Indian. A girl, but I've seen this often.

Cevriye Olbay: At is SWEDISH! YASSS M8

BassaSelim: The way that Portugal guys talk its like if you want to have sex, and a want a girl with a beautiful body pick Brazil. If you want someone serious to marry, definitely pick Portugal that is so wrong, you guys have a total wrong idea about Brazil. Also saying that here everything is aloud is other lie. We can be serious.

Nick Vasilev: You should know that there are No-go Zones .

Lv2flair: You know you're dating a greek woman when she tells you ''oh im from Greece''

Lena Leitner: Plz do malay girls (malaysia maybe?

Mortophobe: The story is a world-wide overall, Portuguese man have much more funny local features.

BryamBR: Or just wave a fist full of money around.

Alice Moh: Pleas make Serbian men or Serbian women

Ross Potts: Sadly Machismo is common in Mexico so if you can be a gentleman and make her feel in charge sometimes its a huge plus because they aren't used to that.

AmasiMusic: The women in this video should have nooooo problem finding a good man. No problem at all. And no, Sherifa, you're not forgotten about.

Iliriacum666: I want one. Any spanish lesbians here?

Gwenyn Huang: Im alone depressed and with a hard on.

PungiFungi: The quebec guy with the dimples was fineeeee but I prefer the france accent

SashaSidney: The booty if the shouts from the streets mean anything.

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Gay Jewish Hookup London

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It is a uncommon stylish in every respect we obey in.

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