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UneasyLuck: Enjoying this video please. Do Dominican next

Melanie: Not bad video Marina! Italian men have a different way to get women over there! Beblssima! Congratulationzione!

Auujj *kiuii: Only women with low self esteem or dont know better. lol. am generalising of course. but that s the spirit here. ;)

Joshua Pack: I think they like anal. :v

BaClub CO: If my girlfriend orders a big ass food and doesnt finish half i dont pay.But if she finishes i pay.I hate when girls waste food.

Hellolina: Does that girl really know serbian, i mean, it felt kind of unnatural and off

PUSEY LOVA6: Double face palm. jesus christ. i wanna bathe in bleach and then drink as much as i can after watching this video.

Jelenalahtina: What cold people. I value solitude. But show some warmth; that is how people bond and get to know each other. I don't usually say it, but I would say to women like that: fuck off. Get a heart for God's sake, you are a statue not a human being.


Tiago Gama: Im gonna pack my shit and go to denmark now.

Tilak Raj: I pick the Iraqi girl over any of the ones in the pictures.

Seri Kim: Brasil brasil Brazil CREO CREO CREO! 3 3 3 69 Mike In Brazil! i wanna brazilian woman for life!

Bella Jenkins: That french girl SUCKED her french was so bad

Avy Jacobo: I'm still waiting on the Puerto Rican, Domincan, Cuban and Columbian Women.

Vitor Hugo: Sorry but the first part was 1 sexual harassment

Edgarae1: What it's like to date Indian woman

Cuninou: Finland next time!

Saloula2: U doin awesome

Conga Cuba: Their real love is just money, because there is non in Russia!

Rebbeca: Oy vey every Jewish girl needs a Black man!

EJ Estonactoc: Idgaf about body shaming but that damn swedish girl about to catch some fucking fists girl you look like a pubescent boy with greasy hair. You aint 1/7th of the girls so shut yo overly judgmental picky ass up.

Rinrini St: Why not show the good looking black women? Oh I almost forgot youll have a racist agenda.

Karla Corol: Please do one about Serbian woman! :D

Stuntbounce: Why not do Singaporean men and women?

LazySlytherin: And the Slavic beauty? :/

Mayumi Altea: Can you please do you know you are dating a Slovenian woman/man when.

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