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Perhaps it is a good reason to have a closer look at this currently popular therapy. I first learnt acupuncture as a medical student some 40 years ago.

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Alternative Medicine and Ethics. I would guess that it means that after looking at the data for the study it was found to be pointless. Well I have done a double blind trial on my life and you are right i do have time for one last email. The bias in Ernst works is evident, the man PharmaGuy -Sense About Science fellow of Monsanto and BigSugar or Coke object the eficacy of homeopathy based in poor re-analysis of the high quality clinical trials of Linde meta-study.

It is shown that serious complications can arise only from the improper use of acupuncture or from its gross abuse by incompetent practitioners. Apart from the usual filiform needle, other needle types include three-edged needles and the Nine Ancient Needles.

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Shali Rassouli performs a cosmetic acupuncture treatment on patient Ruth Dorree in Toronto, July 17, In an leading article published in the British Medical Record book, microbiologists at the University of Hong Kong said the number of reported acupuncture-related infections worldwide was the lean of an iceberg and they hailed for tighter infection control measures.

It has its origins in ancient China and has appropriate for widely accepted in the West in recent decades amazingly in the treatment of pain. It is also inured to for conditions allying obesity, constipation and arthritis, among others, although documented well-controlled evidence for these are patchy.

Woo and his colleagues said acupuncture may be risky as needles are inserted up to particular centimeters beneath the skin and they warned of a new syndrome — acupuncture mycobacteriosis — in the 21st century.

While max patients recover from these bacterial infections, 5 to 10 percent of the reported bacterial infections end up with serious problems including joint destruction, multi-organ failure, flesh-eating infirmity and paralysis.

There have been at least five outbreaks of hepatitis B virus infection that are linked to acupuncture. In utmost of these cases, the sources were infected patients and the virus was transmitted through besmirched needles, although in one case, it was the acupuncturist who was the source, they said. See here also in behalf of a complete manifest of exchanges and delays.

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A New Concept of Ancient Medicine. In TCM, the four diagnostic methods are: Korea is believed to be the first country in Asia that acupuncture spread to outside of China. Like there is only one.

Now this I am sure this will include emergency and trauma care where pressure and emergency factors are evident and it may even include acupuncture incidents as the NHS provides acupuncture for conditions identified by the WHO.

So why bother sticking needles in with its attendant risks? Zang Fu, the organ systems of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Acupuncture Gone Dirty

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“To prevent infections transmitted by acupuncture, infection control through dirty needles, although in one case, it was the acupuncturist who. Patients sometimes take part in daily ear acupuncture sessions,...