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Jorge Diaz: Who else is French and had to listen twice to the French part to get that it was French ?


George John: Is this the same process women use when deciding whether to reply to a text (or DM etc)? Because we (men know you've read it.

Mohamed Ghita: Its terrible but its the truth!

Alex Wegner: It's incredible how as a native Spanish speaker I was able to understand what she said when she got jealous of the waitress.

Smey Chhin: What's with the man bun? When are you posting a dating in the middle east video? Sf native living in kw

Helor Ruggeri: Quite true (Spain)

Alice Lobo: Funny story. Spanish living in Holland. My brother used to get extra allowance as a teen because in Spain the guy is supposed to pay when he takes a girl out. My parents didn't know I had to pay just as much in The Netherlands!

Louise B: Both want to know what is his job, household, family, price of his car.

Marietta9288: Haha, I can relate with myself when I was informing my parents about my love beyond border ! Rest may or may not relate to all. Anyway, really funny video for entertainment. Looking forward for more funny videos !

Irish Vegan: I think it would be cool for you to try and do American Men and Women :P

Madu Menegali: She looks like Mr. Bean's daughter.

W Kerst: Ok, let's ask people to speak these languages with heavy American accent, it will work for sure!

Full Stack: I liked this girl )

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Youtube Worcester dating!

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A lucky guy enjoys two hot chicks in a hotel room! See her sunbathing naked at the pool under the hot sun shine, she is spreading legs and teasing me with her fuckable goods with huge boobs and sweet pussy. Girls with Pink Vaginas. Indie's Amateur Porn Art amateur porn. New Orleans dating

JOhn Dong: Dating an american woman/man?

Monica Ortiz: Also for people how don't know France or only went to Paris, friendly reminder : Paris is not the best example of how french people are!

Lexiusowns: Make a video about french or arabic women

Millie Bates: How can you go from hagelslag to century egg?

Corlekina: And we dont use this word so often like they said

She Rachel: Shalom Jewish people. There's just something that I find so attractive and beautiful about Jewish girls that I wish I could date one, plus Hebrew is such a beautiful language. Pakistani here, wanting only peace and I hate politics, so please no hate. Besides the channel is literally all about acceptance and peace.

Thalynxx: As a brasilian that lives outside of Brazil, I'm very offended by that.

Rachel K: Yea we all have autism. haha :v

Rambo Tan: Awesome video! Respect from Russia! So you actually fly the world just to produce these videos? How does it make you money?

Onedream321: When he had his jealous fit and started that frustrated whining thing he sounded just like my Italian sister. I got literal flashbacks lmao

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