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Threeway Ass Banging

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Gedlin Frelin: To be honest is ok. But when anybody is not near so i don't want to put someone to shame near anybody.

Bobol Patrick: Hahahhhjandjasjdnashfda i am turkish and i laugh so hard when he says tarkan's song like a poem

Alex Bell: Only de mexican indias and in mexico nat hir in us

Rex Alfie Lee: Im greek and proud

Sydney Brede: Yo soy de Mexico e mi gusta todo de sus acentos

Tabak Olik: I heard Australia's having a #ManDraught . I'm not surprised.

No. 1 Crate: Why did you choose a girl who can't even speak French and pronounce it like a shit ? Are you stupid ?

Just Chilin: This depends on culture and I have two cultural backgrounds that contradict each other on this issue! I do however think that if a guy says I want to take you to dinner then he should pay. Heck, if a girl says I want to take you to dinner, then she should pay. Don't say you'll do something and then not do it.

Sez Por: A dutch guy who suggest heineken when you ask what beer you should take? A true dutchman wouldn't suggest that pisswater, how did it even get so famous?

LolaCrazy2221: Omg is the girl a real greek ? she talks very clear!

Thuthuka Qoza: I lived In colombia for 4 months I dated a girl in tunja it was a different experience since I'm Native American with long hair they thought I was a hippy lol

Alex Ojideagu: Yeah Bro . I'm a filipino . I love your video!

Denise Gaspar: The quebec guy with the dimples was fineeeee but I prefer the france accent

Zanechaos: Sex with no romantic connections

The Breakfast Bat was on every side a association of students who had to provide a Saturday detention.

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