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Many of these "Lost Boys", some as young as 13, have simply been dumped on the side of the road in Arizona and...

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What Makes You Beautiful- Mormon boys give message to Young Women with a new twist - Legit Gay Dating Site

You've probably heard of Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam — and if you haven't, ask any teenage girl.
Burak Ayan: P.S. l'm mad that l have l Want It That Way stuck in my head now.

Bluekeet: They should do a cuban girl

Risingsoul: You know you are dating jap men when you couldnt find his dong during sexy time.

Machete Panda: I was born in Macedonia, raised a few years in Puerto Rico and now live in the U.S.

Walt Fu: If the italian girl is from south italy,man you have the accept all the lovely words she has to tell you when you make her angry hehe MA QUELLA LA CHIAMI PIZZA? hahhaha

SilverRain: Girls are ugly as fck.

Roger Peet: She is like a Russian girl)))

Code3Forever: Australians women are obnoxious, self-entitled, selfish, self-absorbed, masculine, loud, too high standards. They will never let a real man be a man, they will try to let you down if you lead and demonstrate initiative and confidence, because of they Tall poppy syndrome, they can't stand it. That's why many Aussies guys date and marriage a lot of Asian, Indians and European, because they know their woman are crap.

KarA 20: Haha that guy at 5

Paradise Look: Actually the 'English rose was like this, until american Hollywood, polluted them!

Alfa Romeo: Do Scottish men/women?


RodrigoGam3r: It's the same with non-islamic turkish women. Really love you greeks :D

Arkan-Ciel: THE BREAD! i think that covers all germans

Unknown Nn: Wow she wants to be an equal. how. unsual :D

Latifa Talbi: You idiots should show what their scores are!

Amy Smicker: Russia women are one of the most beautiful women in the world.

MaRaX93: Actually. most of us don't like arabs but what we do like is the jewelry and that they are well financially being honest

Kimberly Xx: Dutch men act pretty similar to German men. I guess these men misunderstood the concept of treat a woman as your equal;)

Snowflake 1: We are caring with woman friends and friendly-violent with guy friends. Basicaly that means we like to hug woman friends a lot and punch guy friends as a joke.

Maxwell Hunts: These aren't real Canadian girls,merely from Toronto,ont. I'm Canadian, I know.

Tom Pearse: Add one about chinese men too

K Rivera: The way that woman treats the man at the end is just how my Ukrainian mom treats me with food

Shanti Kiran: Only the not modern ones not every one, of course.

Mormon Boys Videos

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  1. 0:40 wtf I don't get stupid bitches like you. Even before he went on drama alert it was obvious the prank was fake.

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