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Davide Segato: The chick that said she doesn't know geography is so so so so so naturally HOT like I didn't even care about the video but I still kept watching it to see her smile again.

Wingnight: Is it just me or does the guy seem like kind of a douche?

Kazba Nasil: The strange feeling at the beginning of the sentence when you don't even know by yourself if it's your language haha

Xahse Z: I live in a city in England and met a few Italian women. Five minutes speaking with me and I offend them without trying. I've found them to be incredibly stuck-up and really conservative. But I do love it when they rant in their language.

Asatru55: What does tachles means

Dan Pahomi: I'm not sure about cheering when a glass breaks, but more WAheeyyy when something breaks or someone trips.

Mike VR: The Australian women clearly was trying really hard to make it sounds sexy, were as the other women were just reading it.


Michael Dy: It's not normal making out in the subway in brazil. like I saw in Germany.

Marwa Nejme: Example: I am going to fuck his or her mother if they don't stop doing that, meaing they would go all-guns-blazing for a small thing.

Tyler L.: The problem is Italian men are so cute !

Een Taehyung: Is everyone going to ignore 45

Stud In Handcuffs Gets Oral Domination Uwwalon: Israeli women are downright gorgeous

Ice And Fire: How come does the white guy speak Russian?

BliBlaBlub Xy: Also chivalry is alive here, things like open the door, ladies first, sharing heavy things, normally the man pay the bills, but both can pay their own if they talked about it, these stuff is looked as a manner, is like don't talk with the food in the mouth, don't aim people with the finger or stuff like that, and is always praised.

Dalton Sankey: Just because she is touchy with someone doesn't mean she is interested or dating them. That is the biggest sad truth in this video, as a Greek I can verify this.

Amani Greco: When I told her this wasn't going to work out, and asked her to move her stuff back out, she did that, but left the key on the dining room table, and locked the door behind her. I have keys everywhere now.

Louise123: Even though I walk through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

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